Sunday, April 30, 2006

A weekend-long hangover and a radio shout out

So not having stayed up past 9:30 any night last week due to being sick gave me some real cabin fever, so I was dying to go out Friday. I ended up meeting Ben at Swig for happy hour where we drank beer and chowed on chicken wings. Then I stopped by The Boat to talk to Dave and check out where I'd be playing next Sunday. We had more beers there. Jace got home shortly after I did, and was deadset on running. I didn't really want to run, but I hadn't worked out all week, so I finally agreed to go run. I think that was my mistake. Never go drunken running. I made it a mile. Then I walked another half a mile. Then I gave up.

So what did we do after running? We went to BLVD and went back to drinking. I really didn't have much while we there, but I started feeling horrible. I just felt really hot. It was weird. So, we come home and play guitars until like 5 a.m., which is pretty much the routine when we go out drinking. Saturday I wake up at 3 p.m. with a horrible hangover. I try to lift weights, but everytime I strain it feels like the back of my head is going to explode.

We end up meeting some girls at Bennigans for dinner. I'm still hung over. The girls are drinking. Thank God Jace and David weren't, so I didn't have to. I down a greasy-ass Monte Cristo and we go home. I'm FINALLY starting to feel better. Then what do I do? I go back to The BLVD again and drink more. Then Jinx calls from Sam's Boat, so I went over there and hung out with her and her friends the rest of the night.

Well, it was a fun night and nobody wants to quit partying, so I invite everyone back to the house. It's all set when this couple that's with us starts having a freaking domestic dispute in the parking lot. That pretty much ended all the fun, and we called off the after party.

This morning I'm yes, once again hungover. I'm in the car on the way to Whataburger for some biscuits and gravy and taquitos when the DJ on the Buzz starts talking about what a great night she had at BLVD and Sam's Boat last night. Then she gives shout outs to this long list of people which includes the names of several people I was with and Fred is the last name on the list. Then she recounts events that I was involved with all evening including the story of the domestic dispute in the parking lot. My brother was like, did you party with the DJ from the Buzz last night? I guess I did, but I have no freaking clue who she was.

So I'm still hungover despite the biscuits and gravy and taquito, and now I'm kind of sick at my stomach too. Hopefully it will clear up in the next 30 minutes because then we're off to the ASME Offshore Technology Conference Crawfish Boil at U of H. And what will we do there? Probably drink more. Here's to being hungover at work tomorrow!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

A head cold, OC drama, and Lebowski Fest

I'm sick. It's a head cold sore throat kind of thing. I'm sure I could sleep it away in just a day or two, but unfortunately I have so much to finish at work that I don't have that luxury. Instead I just keep myself drugged up on Dayquil and Nyquil and try not to make any stupid mistakes on the stuff I'm writing. I missed open mic at Acadia last night because I fell asleep around 9:00, and I didn't make it out to Fountainhead tonight either. Kind of sucks.

On the upside of things I secured tickets for Ben, Jace and myself to Lebowski Fest tonight. May 19 and 20 we'll be in Austin with thousands of other Urban Achievers. Should be a good time.

Summer and Seth got back together on The OC tonight. That's a good thing. However, Anna is back on the show, and as much as I like Summer, I really wonder why Seth ever broke up with Anna in the first place. Then Marisa finally caught the Surf Nazi cheating on her, and Ryan beat his ass. I was glad to see that too. However, Kirsten is drinking again, which is bad, and in the previews for next week it shows Seth going to jail. That can't be good. I'm so anxious.

I was watching Ultimate Fighter 3 with Jace tonight. I'll just say it -- Ken Shamrock's team just sucks. That guy got his ass handed to him so fast tonight. It's like he doesn't train them at all, and has no coaching skills. Actually, Ken Shamrock doesn't seem to have the mental capacity for much of anything at all. I think he's better off going back to the WWE where the fights are fixed and people can script his speeches for him.

I supposedly start playing music on the patio of The Boat this Sunday, but I haven't got any details yet. If this cold doesn't clear up before then I don't think I'll be playing anywhere for a while.

I've been really lonely this week. I think maybe it's worse because I haven't been out at all due to the head cold, but it's really getting to me. I guess I should start dating again, but I just can't seem to meet anyone. I mean, I have met attractive women, but bar women are so vacuous. It's like holding a conversation with a dog. They'll cock their head and pretend they're listening, but they've got no idea what you're saying. Is there no such thing as brains and beauty? I don't know. Maybe I already blew my shot at that.

I already took tonight's dose of Nyquil, so I'm fading fast. I guess I better get to bed.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

But the week started so well ...

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Thought I'd post a pic from the crawfish boil at Swig at Sunday. All the roommates together. We only get to go out together like once every 3 or 4 weeks due to everybody's conflicting schedules.

Anyway, Sunday was fun, but work has been a struggle Monday and Tuesday. I'm really stressing over my deadlines, and I'm getting sick. I've got some sort of cold coming on. My nose is all runny, and my glands are swelling up. It sucks. Why in this day and age of face transplants and dog cloning do we still have no cure for the common cold?

My Dell notebook is definitely dying. I'm scrambling to revive it one last time to get the rest of my movies and music off of it before I lay it to rest. If it starts processing something hard, it just shuts off. And I don't mean like it freezes up. I mean it just shuts off. I'm pretty sure it must be overheating, but I can hear the fan going, so I don't know what's going on. I just redeemed some mutual funds today, so I may reinvest that into an HP Media Center or something. I did pretty good on the mutual funds. I invested $1100 in 1994, and I'm getting all of $963 back in 2006. Of course, it had dropped to somewhere around $700 when the bust hit, so almost breaking even is good enough for me at this point.

I'm going to bed -- got to sleep off this cold.

More new videos

I made it through Monday. It was a long day. Not having an EZ Tag on the car yet sure adds a lot of time to the commute. I hope that thing shows up in the mail soon.

Between computer crashes I compressed two more videos. I think the Dell is about to die. It seems to be overheating and shutting itself off. It is three years old.

Silverscreen Dreams (live with JFK)

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She Dreams of Heaven (live with JFK)

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Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Crawfish Season

We had a little crawfish festival at Swig tonight. Good times. Pretty much everyone I know was there. Ben ate like three plates of the mudbugs, and the highlight of the night was when this girl at our table started freaking out because she thought the black pepper was loose crawfish eyeballs that had gotten all over her food.

I think I'm going to break 3000 page views on myspace tonight. I'm at 2995. I'll have 3000 page views, yet still no record deal.

Here's a couple new videos from Thursday night at Fountainhead. I've got three more from previous performances, but I haven't resized them yet. That's tomorrow night's task.

Looks like I'm going to start playing acoustic sets on Sunday afternoon at The Boat on FM 1960. Should be fun. Plus, it further justifies my purchase of the Escape because I'll need it to haul my equipment over there.

Hope everybody has a good week.

The Shakespeare Song (live with JFK)

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Pawn Shop Guitars (live with JFK)

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Saturday, April 22, 2006

BBQ and Laundry

Today was such a beautiful day in Houston. I got some sun, did some yard work. It was great. I'm so glad it's hot again. I hate the winter. However, I do wish I had a pool. Maybe someday when I'm rich I'll tear down Buck's old dog kennel and put in a pool. I really wanted to go to the beach, but it's Beach Party Weekend in Galveston. Last year's attendance was 100,000. I don't think I want to be down there for that.

Anyway, I went to buy groceries this afternoon and decided to get some stuff for hamburgers, chicken and ribs. I grilled it all up, and then Jace and I ate outside on the new patio furniture that I got from my boss. I hadn't cooked in months, so he was surprised when he got home, and there was suddenly all this food. Hopefully I've got enough leftovers for all my lunches this week. It's so strange. I used to hate leftovers. Now I love them. I guess I just got so used to frozen dinners or pre-cooked meals that leftovers just feel like I'm eating something like that. Convenience is key because I'm a lazy bastard.

I did all my laundry this afternoon. I even tried to sort colors somewhat instead of just throwing it all into one giant load. Mom would be so proud.

Trying to decide whether or not to go out tonight.


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I bought a Ford Escape yesterday. I don't think the Mustang's too happy with me about it because she's a jealous bitch of a car like that, but I couldn't deal with spending another summer not being able to run my A/C for fear that the car would overheat in stop-and-go traffic.

Last week the A/C condensation drain hose broke and absolutely soaked the floor of the Stang with water. I wasn't happy about that. Then it stalled and wouldn't restart on the freeway. It took four years, but I've finally hit my point of tolerance with all the maintenance problems on that car. Plus paying $3.05 a gallon for premium gas is not fun either.

I really wanted a Pontiac Solstice. It would have been a horribly impractical car, but I love the looks of it. Unfortunately, you can't get one. They've all been pre-sold, so you can either pay $10,000 over MSRP to someone who bought one and is reselling it or you can wait for 2007.

My next thought was Corrola because 40 mpg sounded really nice. However, I had to drive through standing water on the way to work Friday morning, and I thought, a Corrola would never make it through this. That's when I started looking at SUVs and little trucks. I wanted good gas mileage, but something that we could take raod trips in and be comfortable. Escape seemed like the best deal. I can throw canoes on top of this baby and head to the river with no problems. It's got 4-wheel drive too, but in all my years of camping, etc. I've never come across a time when 4-wheel drive was actually needed. Oh, except maybe the ridiculously muddy parking lot at Chili Fest four years ago.

So anyway, there's my new Escape. I'm going to tinker with the Mustang and clean her up this weekend. Then I have to decide her fate. Does she stay in the garage or does she find a new home?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Work, work, and more work

Today was much better than yesterday, but man am I busy at work. It's good though because it means I'm needed, but kind of overwhelming because there's just this giant stack of projects on my desk, and there's no real organization or timelines. Whichever one is an emergency, I do first.

I got my folders that I designed from the printer today. I really wanted them to be perfect. Unfortunately, the business card slots are in the wrong place. I designed all the pocket text around the card slots, and then the binder just cut them right in the middle of the pocket. It makes my design useless, and now the card covers up part of our logo. It really bothers me, but I don't know what to do about it because the printer already gave us such a ridiculously low price on the folders and I'm friends with the person who works there. I was even there when they marked where the card slot goes. Then it still ended up in the middle. NOTHING ever goes smoothly.

I did however make it back to the GAP tonight -- with my wallet this time. It's just too hot to keep wearing my freaking wool slacks and longsleeve dress shirts. I only bought a couple things because I hate the color of all their polos this season. I may try some other places next week for more shirts.

So I did talk myself into staying home and working out instead of going out and drinking tonight. I'm proud of myself for that, but kind of wish I was out drinking right now instead of going to bed. I'm sure my body will thank me in the morning.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Robbed at the GAP

Today did not go so smoothly. I woke up late, didn't feel like working, the power went off at work, the car overheated on my drive home, etc. My cosmic clock was just way out of alignment. So I need dressier clothes for this new job because at the ad agency we just wore jeans and t-shirts all the time. Lame as it is, at this point in my life I pretty much just let the girls at the GAP dress me. I went in this evening and loaded up on slacks and polo shirts. Then I got to check out. No wallet. I go check the dressing room. It's not there. I check all the aisles. Not there. I went out and checked my car. Not there. I start kind of freaking out because I NEVER forget my wallet. Jace and Ben are the type of guys that leave it laying around the house all the time and always forget their IDs, so halfway to the bar we'll have to turn around and come home to get it. I HATE that. I ALWAYS have my wallet, my keys, and my phone. Tonight, I had the keys and phone -- no wallet. I was sure somebody had burglarized my changing room at The GAP, but I was holding out that one desperate hope that it was at home. I had to leave my bag of clothes there. I didn't know what I was going to do if it wasn't at home because I would have had no bank or credit cards, so I couldn't have even gotten cash to buy gas to get to work tomorrow.

Thank the good Lord Jesus, it was in the back pocket of the pants I wore to work today. Somehow I just didn't grab it. However, it was too late to go back to the GAP and get my clothes.

I checked the mail on my way home. I keep getting letters from people that don't know I'm divorced. Recently there's been invites to charity balls and events we used to be involved with. Those I can usually handle with just a tinge of sadness. But tonight there was one from the church where we'd been married. The deacon that taught my marriage prep class sent a letter asking how we were doing and asking if we'd come help with a spaghetti dinner for a bunch of engaged couples. That letter just hit me like a ton of bricks. You think you're over something and it's all under control, and then one little thing can set it off. Maybe I was just more susceptible tonight because the weekend had been so lonely with no family around. I don't know. It just sucked.

I'm going to go lift some weights.

Long story short

I'm really tired and need to go to bed, but I thought I'd post a quick update. California was fun. I like my new boss a lot. The Claremont office is beautiful and has a view right onto the mountains.

Easter was lonely, but at least Jace took me over to his sister's house for lunch. I thought I was going to spend the entire day sitting by myself at home.

Off to bed.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nothing says a good night's sleep like 4 shots of jagermeister

I partied at The BLVD in The Woodlands Saturday. I got to hang out with Jessica was working, and Jinx was hanging out. I did a few shots with Kent to wish him well at his new job. Good times. BUT, the best part of the evening was when I ran into Marisol's friend, whose name I can't actually remember (sorry), and she told me I'm the better-looking brother. Do you hear that Ben? She said I'M the better-looking brother! She also said she hates tall, scrawny guys. So there you have it -- straight from the lips of some girl who works at Men's Wearhouse and was most-likely on drugs.

Sunday was just catch-up day. I did the yard, the dishes, the laundry, etc. Some days you just have to do that stuff. We skipped volleyball again. I really want to go play soon. We've missed like three weeks in a row.

I did my taxes on Sunday and Monday. I owe. I ALWAYS owe. Even with all my mortgage and property tax deductions I still owed this year. Ben got $1300 back. Of course, he only worked the summer last year because he was still in school. My dad says oweing a little is better because it means the government didn't have all your money all year long. I guess he's right, but getting a fat check sure would have been nice.

I'm off to California tomorrow. I don't know if I'll get the chance to check out L.A. or not. Maybe one evening we'll at least drive out to the coast somewhere. I've never seen the Pacific.

Be back Friday. Hope everyone has a good week.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Weekend

It's been a hard week. I was exhausted. Friday we're supposed to get off work at noon, but I needed to get some projects organized for next week, so I stayed until about 1:30 and got home at 2:00. I promptly fell asleep, and didn't wake up until around 8:00. Then I called around to see if anybody was doing anything, and couldn't find anyone, so I lifted weights and went back to bed. Then I STILL woke up late this morning. I was supposed to leave the house at 9:00 to get to the company picnic on time. I didn't wake up until 9:30. Then the lights on Louetta were flashing red, so that slowed me down. Then the parking at the zoo SUCKED, so I had to circle for 45 minutes before I finally got a spot. I didn't get there until 11:30. I was supposed to be working the give-a-way table from 11:00-12:00, so that was no good. I didn't get all the pictures of people that I wanted to get. However, once it was all over I did take advantage of the free beer. Then I got home about 3:00, and what did I do? You guessed it. I fell asleep again. I'm starting to wonder if I'm sick or something because I'm sleeping way too much. I'm tempted to go back to sleep now, but it's my friend Kent's birthday and there's a big celebration at The BLVD, so I need to get dressed and at least make an appearance.

It's confirmed that I'm going to California next week to make the video. I'll be gone Wed - Fri. I'm kind of excited because I've never been to California before. In fact, I've never made it further west than a brief stop at Four Corners during a family RV trip back in fourth grade. The only downside is that I'll miss two open mic nights. Performing is really the highlight of my week. Speaking of which, Thursday was definitely an interesting night. I was halfway through the second song when a blonde got right in front of me and started doing a stripper dance. I'm guessing she had some experience in the industry because she definitely had the moves down. Then at the end of the song, she jumps on stage, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and leaves. What a freaking tease?!!!

Of course, the biggest realization I've had in the last couple of weeks is that the more people who are coming to see me play, and the more people who are adding me on myspace and sending me messages about how hot I am, the lonelier I get. None of it really rings true. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fans. I hugely appreciate the fans. I also love the flattery. But it all lacks a personal connection. I miss the connection.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, it's ALMOST Friday

Work has been crazy this week. I've done more diverse advertising and writing than I did the whole year I was at the advertising agency. I've been working on folders, inserts, tri-folds, e-mail blasts, retractable banners, airport dioramas, billboards, newspapers ads, newsletters, videos ... and the list goes on. I think next week they're flying me out to California to make a video. That sounds really cool when it's out of context. Let's pull it out for a second:

Yeah, so next week I'm flying to Cali to shoot a video.

Too bad in context you realize it's corporate collateral, not my hot new music video. Oh well.

I did actually make another video last night. Since I usually play first at open mic, Paulie tends to experiment on me with his video stuff, so it's all set to records the guys paying for it. I watched last night's DVD when I got home. The sound quality was much better in this one because he miced everything and ran it all into a mixing board and then into the camera. The downside is, none if it was balanced right. The guitar is way out front when it should be my vocals out front, and you can't really hear the bass at all. I could probably pull it into Adobe Audition and re-equalize it somewhat, but it's not worth the time. If I get bored this weekend I'll capture a couple songs off there, and post them up on myspace. It just takes a lot of energy to move the DVD player in here out of the living room and wire it up to make the AVI files.

So that's all I've done this week -- work, eat, sleep and play guitar. OH, and I watched The O.C. tonight for the first time in months! Ryan was with this girl I'd never seen before. Summer and Seth broke up. Marissa was sleeping with the surfer dude that was going to fight Ryan. I was like, how did all this happen while I was gone? Of course, Jace came home while I was watching it, so I totally got made fun of, but he watches Dog the Bounty Hunter, so I think we're even.

I'm signed up to play tonight over at Fountainhead, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I'm fading fast. If I was smart, I'd just go to bed now.

Monday, April 03, 2006

What to say about Monday

Nothing really eventful or funny has happened today. In fact, I don't know that I even said anything funny or witty today. I just got stuck sitting through the mandatory four-hour new employee orientation this morning. Then I scrambled all afternoon to get some folders I was designing ready to go to the printer tomorrow. Then I jumped from that to writing, and then to photo editing. It was a long day. However, I was so proud of myself because I came home and actually worked out instead of just sitting on myspace. I've really neglected the workout for the last two weeks. I feel so sluggish and tired when I don't work out. I also went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of fruit in hopes of boosting my energy level. We'll see if it does the trick. I bought all healthy food -- except for the jalapeno cheeseburger patties. I couldn't resist.

Oh, I also designed the cutest posters for our company picnic. The headline says, "Anybody up for a picnic?" and then it's got this bear with a look on his face like, "Picnic?!!!" and there's a baby tiger licking it's lips. I used the bear and the tiger because it's a the zoo. I know I sound totally gay, but it's really cute.

So anyway, it's a shower and bed for me.

Missing time

So I think I was abducted by aliens last night. I mean, I had a lot to drink, so things are hazy, but I swear I'm missing an hour. It just vanished.

What? Time change? We sprung forward? Ummm ... nevermind.

On a whim Ben and I went country dancing at Red River last night because it's like only 5 minutes from the house on 249, and we'd never been there. It's a much bigger place than I expected. It's like Billy Bob's in Dallas, but with only one dance floor, and no mechanical bull. Jace said he'd come pick us up, so we might have gone a little overboard on the shots. I spent most of today recuperating. Baby Ben hooked up with a 30-year-old divorced accountant with two kids, but somehow failed to secure her number. Nice one little bro. Maybe it's best you didn't get that number.

I, on the other hand, kept ending up on the dance floor with women who were either married or under 21. I don't need drama from either one of those categories. I did much better once I got my focus back on the alcohol.

Oh, I also mowed the lawn and made the guys clean house this weekend. I told Ben he had to clean his bathroom, and he was like, "I did it last time." I told him that excuse didn't count when the last time was in January. The house is now sanitary again. I just need hangers for all my shirts. I hate the idea of actually paying for hangers, but I guess I'm going to have to go buy some somewhere.

I'm off to bed. Hopefully I can start my week off right and continue impressing the new boss.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

My exciting Friday night

So you know the story of my freaky naptime dream Friday afternoon. Well, Ben got home from work about 5:30, and we went down to Swig to hang out with Jace and to grub on the free wings that Wings & More brings over for Happy Hour. So we have a bunch of wings and a couple Bud Lights, then we head home about 7:30.

I get home and start debating my options for the evening. TJ's band is playing over in Copperfield, Ben's talking about going back down to Sugar Land, Jace is talking about going to see a movie ... I lay down to consider all the options.

I wake up at 11:30, and someone has shut my door and turned off my lights. My feet are burning hot because I fell asleep with my shoes on. Yes, I slept through my entire Friday night. I get up to see if anybody's still home. Ben has also fallen asleep. Jace is in the living room watching TV. Are we the lamest household or what?

So I get a drink of water, take off my shoes, and go back to bed.

I didn't get up until 11 a.m. this morning. I guess my batteries were really drained. I had a card from the post office that said I needed to go pick up some certified mail, so I rushed over there before it closed. It was annulment papers from the Catholic Church. My ex is Catholic, and although we're divorced, she can't get remarried in the Catholic Church unless she pays a bunch of money and gets them to annul the marriage. I guess she's decided she wants to get remarried. On one hand I want to participate, so that I at least get to tell my side of the story to the church because otherwise there's no defense on my behalf and my character gets to be slandered with no repercussions. On the other hand, I don't even want to deal with it. I think I'm done with women forever. I'm going to become a monk like Kwai Chang Caine from Kung Fu and just find inner peace and avoid that drama altogether while I kick a lot of ass.