Saturday, April 22, 2006

BBQ and Laundry

Today was such a beautiful day in Houston. I got some sun, did some yard work. It was great. I'm so glad it's hot again. I hate the winter. However, I do wish I had a pool. Maybe someday when I'm rich I'll tear down Buck's old dog kennel and put in a pool. I really wanted to go to the beach, but it's Beach Party Weekend in Galveston. Last year's attendance was 100,000. I don't think I want to be down there for that.

Anyway, I went to buy groceries this afternoon and decided to get some stuff for hamburgers, chicken and ribs. I grilled it all up, and then Jace and I ate outside on the new patio furniture that I got from my boss. I hadn't cooked in months, so he was surprised when he got home, and there was suddenly all this food. Hopefully I've got enough leftovers for all my lunches this week. It's so strange. I used to hate leftovers. Now I love them. I guess I just got so used to frozen dinners or pre-cooked meals that leftovers just feel like I'm eating something like that. Convenience is key because I'm a lazy bastard.

I did all my laundry this afternoon. I even tried to sort colors somewhat instead of just throwing it all into one giant load. Mom would be so proud.

Trying to decide whether or not to go out tonight.
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