Saturday, April 22, 2006


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I bought a Ford Escape yesterday. I don't think the Mustang's too happy with me about it because she's a jealous bitch of a car like that, but I couldn't deal with spending another summer not being able to run my A/C for fear that the car would overheat in stop-and-go traffic.

Last week the A/C condensation drain hose broke and absolutely soaked the floor of the Stang with water. I wasn't happy about that. Then it stalled and wouldn't restart on the freeway. It took four years, but I've finally hit my point of tolerance with all the maintenance problems on that car. Plus paying $3.05 a gallon for premium gas is not fun either.

I really wanted a Pontiac Solstice. It would have been a horribly impractical car, but I love the looks of it. Unfortunately, you can't get one. They've all been pre-sold, so you can either pay $10,000 over MSRP to someone who bought one and is reselling it or you can wait for 2007.

My next thought was Corrola because 40 mpg sounded really nice. However, I had to drive through standing water on the way to work Friday morning, and I thought, a Corrola would never make it through this. That's when I started looking at SUVs and little trucks. I wanted good gas mileage, but something that we could take raod trips in and be comfortable. Escape seemed like the best deal. I can throw canoes on top of this baby and head to the river with no problems. It's got 4-wheel drive too, but in all my years of camping, etc. I've never come across a time when 4-wheel drive was actually needed. Oh, except maybe the ridiculously muddy parking lot at Chili Fest four years ago.

So anyway, there's my new Escape. I'm going to tinker with the Mustang and clean her up this weekend. Then I have to decide her fate. Does she stay in the garage or does she find a new home?
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