Thursday, April 27, 2006

A head cold, OC drama, and Lebowski Fest

I'm sick. It's a head cold sore throat kind of thing. I'm sure I could sleep it away in just a day or two, but unfortunately I have so much to finish at work that I don't have that luxury. Instead I just keep myself drugged up on Dayquil and Nyquil and try not to make any stupid mistakes on the stuff I'm writing. I missed open mic at Acadia last night because I fell asleep around 9:00, and I didn't make it out to Fountainhead tonight either. Kind of sucks.

On the upside of things I secured tickets for Ben, Jace and myself to Lebowski Fest tonight. May 19 and 20 we'll be in Austin with thousands of other Urban Achievers. Should be a good time.

Summer and Seth got back together on The OC tonight. That's a good thing. However, Anna is back on the show, and as much as I like Summer, I really wonder why Seth ever broke up with Anna in the first place. Then Marisa finally caught the Surf Nazi cheating on her, and Ryan beat his ass. I was glad to see that too. However, Kirsten is drinking again, which is bad, and in the previews for next week it shows Seth going to jail. That can't be good. I'm so anxious.

I was watching Ultimate Fighter 3 with Jace tonight. I'll just say it -- Ken Shamrock's team just sucks. That guy got his ass handed to him so fast tonight. It's like he doesn't train them at all, and has no coaching skills. Actually, Ken Shamrock doesn't seem to have the mental capacity for much of anything at all. I think he's better off going back to the WWE where the fights are fixed and people can script his speeches for him.

I supposedly start playing music on the patio of The Boat this Sunday, but I haven't got any details yet. If this cold doesn't clear up before then I don't think I'll be playing anywhere for a while.

I've been really lonely this week. I think maybe it's worse because I haven't been out at all due to the head cold, but it's really getting to me. I guess I should start dating again, but I just can't seem to meet anyone. I mean, I have met attractive women, but bar women are so vacuous. It's like holding a conversation with a dog. They'll cock their head and pretend they're listening, but they've got no idea what you're saying. Is there no such thing as brains and beauty? I don't know. Maybe I already blew my shot at that.

I already took tonight's dose of Nyquil, so I'm fading fast. I guess I better get to bed.
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