Monday, April 24, 2006

It's Crawfish Season

We had a little crawfish festival at Swig tonight. Good times. Pretty much everyone I know was there. Ben ate like three plates of the mudbugs, and the highlight of the night was when this girl at our table started freaking out because she thought the black pepper was loose crawfish eyeballs that had gotten all over her food.

I think I'm going to break 3000 page views on myspace tonight. I'm at 2995. I'll have 3000 page views, yet still no record deal.

Here's a couple new videos from Thursday night at Fountainhead. I've got three more from previous performances, but I haven't resized them yet. That's tomorrow night's task.

Looks like I'm going to start playing acoustic sets on Sunday afternoon at The Boat on FM 1960. Should be fun. Plus, it further justifies my purchase of the Escape because I'll need it to haul my equipment over there.

Hope everybody has a good week.

The Shakespeare Song (live with JFK)

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Pawn Shop Guitars (live with JFK)

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