Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Nothing says a good night's sleep like 4 shots of jagermeister

I partied at The BLVD in The Woodlands Saturday. I got to hang out with Jessica was working, and Jinx was hanging out. I did a few shots with Kent to wish him well at his new job. Good times. BUT, the best part of the evening was when I ran into Marisol's friend, whose name I can't actually remember (sorry), and she told me I'm the better-looking brother. Do you hear that Ben? She said I'M the better-looking brother! She also said she hates tall, scrawny guys. So there you have it -- straight from the lips of some girl who works at Men's Wearhouse and was most-likely on drugs.

Sunday was just catch-up day. I did the yard, the dishes, the laundry, etc. Some days you just have to do that stuff. We skipped volleyball again. I really want to go play soon. We've missed like three weeks in a row.

I did my taxes on Sunday and Monday. I owe. I ALWAYS owe. Even with all my mortgage and property tax deductions I still owed this year. Ben got $1300 back. Of course, he only worked the summer last year because he was still in school. My dad says oweing a little is better because it means the government didn't have all your money all year long. I guess he's right, but getting a fat check sure would have been nice.

I'm off to California tomorrow. I don't know if I'll get the chance to check out L.A. or not. Maybe one evening we'll at least drive out to the coast somewhere. I've never seen the Pacific.

Be back Friday. Hope everyone has a good week.
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