Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Weekend

It's been a hard week. I was exhausted. Friday we're supposed to get off work at noon, but I needed to get some projects organized for next week, so I stayed until about 1:30 and got home at 2:00. I promptly fell asleep, and didn't wake up until around 8:00. Then I called around to see if anybody was doing anything, and couldn't find anyone, so I lifted weights and went back to bed. Then I STILL woke up late this morning. I was supposed to leave the house at 9:00 to get to the company picnic on time. I didn't wake up until 9:30. Then the lights on Louetta were flashing red, so that slowed me down. Then the parking at the zoo SUCKED, so I had to circle for 45 minutes before I finally got a spot. I didn't get there until 11:30. I was supposed to be working the give-a-way table from 11:00-12:00, so that was no good. I didn't get all the pictures of people that I wanted to get. However, once it was all over I did take advantage of the free beer. Then I got home about 3:00, and what did I do? You guessed it. I fell asleep again. I'm starting to wonder if I'm sick or something because I'm sleeping way too much. I'm tempted to go back to sleep now, but it's my friend Kent's birthday and there's a big celebration at The BLVD, so I need to get dressed and at least make an appearance.

It's confirmed that I'm going to California next week to make the video. I'll be gone Wed - Fri. I'm kind of excited because I've never been to California before. In fact, I've never made it further west than a brief stop at Four Corners during a family RV trip back in fourth grade. The only downside is that I'll miss two open mic nights. Performing is really the highlight of my week. Speaking of which, Thursday was definitely an interesting night. I was halfway through the second song when a blonde got right in front of me and started doing a stripper dance. I'm guessing she had some experience in the industry because she definitely had the moves down. Then at the end of the song, she jumps on stage, gives me a kiss on the cheek, and leaves. What a freaking tease?!!!

Of course, the biggest realization I've had in the last couple of weeks is that the more people who are coming to see me play, and the more people who are adding me on myspace and sending me messages about how hot I am, the lonelier I get. None of it really rings true. I mean, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the fans. I hugely appreciate the fans. I also love the flattery. But it all lacks a personal connection. I miss the connection.
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