Thursday, April 06, 2006

Well, it's ALMOST Friday

Work has been crazy this week. I've done more diverse advertising and writing than I did the whole year I was at the advertising agency. I've been working on folders, inserts, tri-folds, e-mail blasts, retractable banners, airport dioramas, billboards, newspapers ads, newsletters, videos ... and the list goes on. I think next week they're flying me out to California to make a video. That sounds really cool when it's out of context. Let's pull it out for a second:

Yeah, so next week I'm flying to Cali to shoot a video.

Too bad in context you realize it's corporate collateral, not my hot new music video. Oh well.

I did actually make another video last night. Since I usually play first at open mic, Paulie tends to experiment on me with his video stuff, so it's all set to records the guys paying for it. I watched last night's DVD when I got home. The sound quality was much better in this one because he miced everything and ran it all into a mixing board and then into the camera. The downside is, none if it was balanced right. The guitar is way out front when it should be my vocals out front, and you can't really hear the bass at all. I could probably pull it into Adobe Audition and re-equalize it somewhat, but it's not worth the time. If I get bored this weekend I'll capture a couple songs off there, and post them up on myspace. It just takes a lot of energy to move the DVD player in here out of the living room and wire it up to make the AVI files.

So that's all I've done this week -- work, eat, sleep and play guitar. OH, and I watched The O.C. tonight for the first time in months! Ryan was with this girl I'd never seen before. Summer and Seth broke up. Marissa was sleeping with the surfer dude that was going to fight Ryan. I was like, how did all this happen while I was gone? Of course, Jace came home while I was watching it, so I totally got made fun of, but he watches Dog the Bounty Hunter, so I think we're even.

I'm signed up to play tonight over at Fountainhead, but I'm not sure I'm going to make it. I'm fading fast. If I was smart, I'd just go to bed now.
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