Thursday, May 04, 2006

I visit the OTC

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I went to the Offshore Technology Conference today. There were thousands of people there with giant, two-story booths that featured neat little cafes and observation decks. However, I found it utterly boring and majorly dissapointing. What's fun about engineering displays? I mean, if the Caterpillar booth actually let me dig something up with a bulldozer or the Baker Hughes booth let you drill through the floor looking for oil, I might be more impressed. It was so boring. It was a good experience though because now I remember why I'm a writer, not an engineer.

Oh yeah, that picture is from Sunday's beach trip. I know, I'm the best photographer ever. However, I can't decide if I like that kite in the picture or if I'm mad at the kid who was flying the kite for ruining my composition. One thing is for sure, Ben can jump high.

I came home tonight and played guitar for hours. My fingertips are killing me. I'm addicted to the song "Over my Head" by The Fray. I really want to have it memorized by my show on Sunday, so I can play it.

I wanted to go to open mic so bad tonight, but I'm too tired. Plus, Jace needed help with his resume, so I stayed home and did that. Maybe I'll play Fountainhead tomorrow night. It would be a good trial run for Sunday with the new guitar.
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