Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Lebowski Fest

So we took off to Austin Friday for Lebowski Fest. I LOVE the movie The Big Lebowski. It's one of my top five favorites -- probably my favorite comedy of all time. Anyway, I'd heard about these festivals where all the fans get together and bowl, but they were always in far off areas of the country. Then I heard about one in Austin, so I figured, what the hell, we'll go check it out.

Friday night was the kick-off party at Maggie Mae's. Everyone had on their homemade t-shirts with funny sayings from the movie, and some of the people were already dressed as their favorite characters. I have no pictures of this because I stupidly left my camera sitting in the hotel room. The night kicked off with The Recliners doing a set of their Richard Cheese-style lounge music. It was pretty entertaining, and the singer got blitzed on white russians during the set, so after this amazingly loungy modified version of the Billy Idol tune "Nice Day for a White Russian," the singer actually stage dove. He hit the ground hard. It was hilarious.

The next band was called Autobahn. They dressed like the fictional German band did in the movie, and sang Technopop songs that simply repeated lyrics like "Cut off your Johnson," over and over. Their music was pretty bad, but their schtick was pretty good. They spoke in the German accents all night and kept saying how great it was to be in Dallas, go Aggies. Then they'd talk about how they liked Texas, but it wasn't as nice as Oklahoma, etc. It was pretty funny.

The last band of the night was The Yuppie Pricks. I don't really remember their music. I'd had a half dozen beers and several white russians by this point. It was generic sounding punk I think. They all wore matching white 1970s-style tennis outfits with headbands. The singer had a wooden tennis racket and a ball. After one song he said, "You sir were not cheering," and served a ball into the crowd at the guy. That was pretty funny. Ben says that during their last song he also took off his pants and was parading around in a leopard print thong, but I thankfully missed that.

We ditched out on the party after that, and went over to The Dizzy Rooster where people just kept putting bull blasters in my hand, and I just kept drinking. We stopped by the hotel and picked up the camera at this point, so I do have pictures of this. Once we walked back into the hotel I have no recollection of anything until I woke up ridiculously hungover Saturday morning and found all my clothes and my suitcase soaking wet in a bathtub full of vomit. Luckily Ben and Jace took enough pictures of David and myself throwing up that it's very easy to reconstruct what happened.

Apparently I crawled out of bed and across the floor, grabbed my bag and started hurling into it. I guess I was just looking for a container, I don't know. The reason all my clothes were in the tub was that Ben tried to wash them all out. He's a good brother, and no, I'm not going to post any of those pictures. I still can't believe I did that, but at least I found a container. Apparently David was just walking across the room and suddenly barfed down the front of himself.

I'll pick up the story on Saturday morning tomorrow night. I've got to get to bed.
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