Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Meet my new baby!

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I didn't think this week could be longer than last week, but it's getting there fast. I'm so sore from attempting to make that mile-long ocean swim on Sunday. Then my sinuses are going crazy again. It's not fun. I came home from work Monday night and turned on TV to watch Scrubs. I thought it was already Tuesday. Oh well, I'll live.

Today has been just a fun day of spending money. At work, they let me go to Wolf Camera and get a new Pro Digital SLR outfit. I got a Nikon D70s with a SB800 TTL flash and 28-105mm lens. It's pretty sweet. I've been playing with it tonight, but I get to really try it out tomorrow at the Offshore Technology Conference. I can't wait.

Then tonight I finally splurged and made the purchase I've wanted to make since 8th grade. I bought a Takamine acoustic/electric guitar. I was torn between the Tak and a Martin, but I just couldn't see spending another $800 for the Martin when it had a veneer top. I mean, it sounded great, but it wasn't quite a "true" Martin. It was the budget Martin. (Budget at $1500 -- the high-end Martins are WAY out of my league.) Anyway, I'm all set with my new jumbo acoustic/electric. Just pray there's no rain on Sunday, so my gig at The Boat will go off without a hitch.

That's pretty much all my news. OTC tomorrow. Design work Thursday and Friday. Then Monday I'm off to California again for another big meeting.
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