Thursday, June 29, 2006

Buck can swim, I was just being a little overprotective

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I met my family up at Llano State Park just outside of Junction, TX over the weekend. It was a nice park. We saw deer, armadillos, turkeys, wild pigs, a muskrat, and a three-and-a-half foot long rattlesnake while we were there.

Despite the episodic torrential downpours, it was a fun weekend, and we took Buck tubing down the river with us. He was swimming a lot, so we got him a doggie lifejacket to make sure he didn't get exhausted and drown. He did well, but it was pretty much an endless cycle of frantic swimming, sniffing and peeing in bushes on the shore, then four or five minutes of resting and sitting in your lap on the tube. Then he'd see another big patch of bushes, hop off, drag you over to the shore and start it all over again.

We didn't realize until late in the trip that if you laid on your tube and held onto his lifejacket, you could use it to steer him like a rudder. Then it was like having a dog motor on your tube, so he'd keep swimming away wanting to go to shore to sniff through the weeds, and we'd keep steering him downstream. I bet he swam a mile that afternoon. It definitely made the tube trip shorter though because he powered us right down the river.

I'm all itching to go camping again soon.
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