Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rockin' the Boat

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Well, after six weekends of trying to draw a crowd to The Boat, I finally gave up and took a break. I didn't play Father's Day because we figured nobody would show up at all, and then I didn't play last weekend because I went camping. I'm not playing this weekend due to the 4th. I guess I'll try again next Sunday and see if maybe I can finally get some people out there. It's hard because my name really has no drawing power, and then I'm doubly cursed because nobody comes to The Boat anyway. However, when someone does happen to wander in and listen to the music, they seem to enjoy it.

Big thank yous to Leigh and Ashley for for always being there, rain or shine. If I had ten more fans like you they might actually let me play somewhere indoors with air-conditioning!
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