Thursday, July 13, 2006

I lost my G-string on stage!

The G-string on my GUITAR you perverts. Like I actually wear underwear.

I played Acadia last night. I jammed with Joey on bass and Keith on drums, and some old guy named Gordon playing lead guitar. It wasn’t too bad. Gordon was good. My originals went off pretty well, but it amazes me that none of the guys have ever even heard of The Fray. I still played “Over My Head” and they followed along fairly well. I mean, it wasn’t a total train wreck, but it wasn’t any kind of instrumental arrangement that remotely resembled the recorded version.

I’m jamming at Fountainhead tonight, and then I’ve got a show at The Boat on Sunday. I’m hoping to learn a couple new Jack Johnson songs for The Boat. People like Jack Johnson.

There was a baby gecko in my shower this morning. I would have just showered with it, but I was worried that chemicals from the soap would hurt it, so I caught it in a cup and relocated it to the bathtub while I showered. The poor little thing was so scared. It was brave though. Instead of just freezing up it actually flailed around and tried to bite me. I was planning to then relocate him/her outside once I was through with the shower, but it had already climbed out of the cup and disappeared before then.

I’ve got to buy guitar strings on the way home. Something’s wrong with the Telecaster and the high E won’t stay in tune. I don’t know if it’s a bad string or if there’s something wrong with the tuner. Then the strap-lock button ripped out of Lady Luck. I need to get some superglue to screw that back in so it will stay. Then I broke a string on the Takamine last night. Kind of sad that I don’t have a single functioning guitar to my name.

I’m designing billboards at work. I love the challenge, but all my ideas have been absolutely crap this week. I’ve got to keep brainstorming. I want to win some awards for these things.

I thought I had a chance at a role in another Indie film that’s being shot here in Houston, but I submitted my info on Tuesday, and I still haven’t heard a word from the director. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
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