Thursday, July 20, 2006

If you don't pop your collar, the terrorists win.

Collar Popper
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I don't actually pop my collar.

So I was sitting here working at designing the perfect billboard when this little old lady secretary stops into my office to tell me how much she loves my hair now that it's longer and not gelled up. I'm taking that as an indicator that I must cut it IMMEDIATELY.

Actually I'm kind of enjoying the softness of it, and the fact that I don't have to mess with all that sticky gel, but I really can't let it go much longer or it turns into this crazy Ted Koppel puffball doo. Nobody wants that.

My boss was getting aggravated that employees were wearing capri pants and flip-flops to work, so he started a joke that he and I should wear capri pants. Well, this joke has circulated the office so many times that people are actually popping into my office to ask me if I'm really going to wear capri pants. I'm almost tempted to actually do it now just because so many people have said something about it. I don't have any capri pants though. I don't even own any flip-flops.

I'm going to play at Fountainhead tonight, but haven't made any progress finding a venue to replace The Boat on the weekends. I hate trying to promote myself. I've got some new songs in my head though. I just need some quality time alone with the guitar to get them out before I lose them. Maybe that'll happen this weekend.
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