Monday, July 31, 2006

Is Castro kicking the bucket?!!!!

Just a week after Castro was boasting about how many people in Cuba are living to be 100, he's relenquished control of the communist party to his brother Raul and is supposedly undergoing intestinal surgery. The guy turns 80 next month, and he's outlived more assasination attempts than any of our governments care to discuss. CNN just had footage of people in the streets of Cuba celebrating like the Astros just won the pennant. Either that's some good propaganda footage or the people of Cuba definitely don't like Castro.

Should be interesting to see how things unfold. Obviously, we'd drop sanctions if their government folds, but I wonder if we'd drop sanctions against Cuba if Castro dies, but they remain communist. They could make serious money off the tourism industry, and direct travel would be so much easier for all the US citizens with family there. Obviously Castro is going to be gone sooner or later, but I have doubts that the communist government there is going to fall anytime soon since communism seems to be experiencing a resurgance of popularity in South America right now.

By the way, this is off topic, but what is our plan if civil war breaks out in Mexico over this whole shady presidential election? We're suddenly going to have refugees pouring over the border in droves.

Anybody else notice that the whole world seems to be on the brink of war?
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