Monday, August 21, 2006

Clements class of 1996 Reunion

Clements class of 1996 Reunion
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I had my 10-year reunion Saturday night. Unfortunately a lot of the people I actually wanted to see didn’t show up. I’d say the bulk of the attendees were a bunch of girls who had been really popular in high school. They were all walking in with their husbands at the same time I was. Most of them were pregnant. I think they must have called each other about seven months ago and said, “Reunion’s coming up, time to get knocked up!!!”

Lots of engineers. Lots of people “in sales” -- whatever that means. One EMT, one family counselor, and one graphic artist. Didn’t find any other writers.

I did find out that the girl who dated the Brazilian foreign exchange student that lived with us for a year is now lesbian and married to her partner. Apparently they bought a popsicle and had a daughter. Interesting stuff. I wonder if Fabio knows that he turned his girlfriend into a lesbian!!!
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