Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Do Bo and Luke ride this together?!!!

I heard they do – while wearing Daisy Dukes. I wonder who drives and who wears the “if you can read this the bitch fell off” t-shirt.

It’s been an uneventful week so far. All I do in the evenings anymore is go home, eat dinner, work out and practice guitar. I’ll probably play some Nickelback and some Jane’s Addiction at open mic tonight, which is really hypocritical because I can’t even stand Nickelback on the radio anymore, but then I heard that new Rockstar song, and I thought it was hilarious, so now I want to play it. I’m an idiot.

I’m two-and-a-half weeks into my fitness program for the possible vampire action-movie role. I’m really starting to see a difference, and I’ve dropped about five pounds, but usually the real progress doesn’t happen until past the four-week mark. I guess it keeps me out of trouble in the evenings, but I’m sure going through a lot of Advil.

We’ve decided to take one last float trip before the summer’s over, so we’re going back to New Braunfels this weekend. This summer has been the most fun I can remember in a long time – playing acoustic shows on the patio of The Boat, Lebowski Fest, two trips to the beach, a trip to Lake Travis, a couple trips to the river, and skydiving – it doesn’t get much better than that.

I think we’re going to try and float the Comal this time as the Guadalupe is so low you have to walk half of it. I’ve heard bad things though. Some people say it’s filthy from too many tubers coming through. Some people say the police are waiting for you all up and down the river to ticket you for noise violations, littering, and public intoxication. Then again, some people say it’s all hearsay. I guess we’ll find out.
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