Wednesday, August 09, 2006

They said grass would make me more creative, but I'm just itchy

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Somehow I just went into a meeting to discuss how we need to change two of the links on a certain website to point to different URLs, but came out of the meeting having committed to design an entirely new page? How did that happen? Oh well, maybe I'll get to design it in Flash.

I'm on a major workout kick. It's always interesting to see how long these last. I was in really good shape mid-March, but then I got sick and the new job started, etc. Now I'm back to square one. However, I got a call from a casting agency in California about a vampire action movie. They liked my look, but wanted an updated headshot and resume. I mailed them one with my fingers crossed, but then realized I definitely don't have the abs that I did in the picture. Time to get on that. So now I have a goal to keep me working out. I doubt I'll get the part, but at least it's keeping the dream alive.
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