Thursday, August 03, 2006

This no hair thing

Is it just me or has this whole shaved-head trend gone too far? I was walking through my office this morning, and I felt like I was in a cancer ward. Yes, I'm sorry you're losing your hair, but maybe you could just close crop it instead of going with smooth shiny look?

I could never shave my head. My head's all elongated with a big alien ridge on top of it. Hair is definitely my friend. I think it could be your friend too if you'd just give it a chance to grow back.

Maybe this is the future, and everyone eventually will have a shaved head like people from the future do in movies. Or, maybe people have seen too many movies with shaved-head people from the future, and so because that's what they've seen, we're creating a future of bald people. Bald people and killer robots -- not exactly a future I can rally behind.
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