Friday, September 22, 2006


I just filled up with gas on the way home from the Astros game, and it was only $2.14 a gallon. I was amazed. I'm just hoping that it'll drop below $2 again -- at least for a little while. That sure would make life nice.

So I had a meeting with my boss and the Pres today. We have an annual information meeting coming up. These are huge meetings where all the execs discuss how the year went with our 1,500 or so employees. Well, the Pres wants video clips of all our 2006 projects for the meeting, and then he wants a big promo reel with all those project clips spliced together with cool music, etc.

This rules for two reasons. The first, is that I love making movies, and even though these aren't the knee-slapping comedies and award-winning dramas that I wish I was making, they're still fun. The second is that I'm going to have to travel to all the project sites to get the footage and interviews. Let me list a few of the places these projects are located: Louisiana, Canada, Trinidad, Tahiti, Finland -- if this all comes to fruition I'm going to get to spend October just flying around the world making movies!!!

I've got to get up early tomorrow for Galveston beach fall clean up. Too bad there's nothing we can do to make the water cleaner.
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