Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jamaica Beach is Clean

I got up at 5 a.m. Saturday morning and picked up trash along Jamaica Beach in Galveston. You would think the most profilic type of trash would be cigarette butts/filters, but they weren't. We picked up more water bottle caps than I could even count. I bet I picked up well over 100. There were so many of those plastic bottle caps, and a ton of those strips of plastic that you tear of milk-bottle type lids to open them.

Anyway, the wind was crazy. I had one hell of a white-boy afro after being out there for three hours.

Oh, and I almost forgot. We found a baby whale stranded on the beach, so we all dug in the sand around it and attempted to make a sort of canal back into the ocean. It was just calling out to us over and over with it's little whale voice like, "arrrrriiiiieeeeee, arrrrriiieeeeeee". After a little help we guided him back into the waves, and into deeper water. As he swam off, he rolled and spouted as if to say, "Thank you." I'll never forget the look in that baby whale's eye.

Actually, that didn't happen, but I did find two dead birds. I would have attempted CPR on them, but ants had already eaten their eyeballs, so I figured it was too late.
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