Friday, September 15, 2006

Must write hit song ...

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My dad metioned to me that this season American Idol is going to have a Songwriting Contest running in conjunction with the singing competition. The winning song gets sung by the winning Idol contestant. I must win this contest.

I was trying to find it online, but all I could come up with was The Great American Song Contest. I'm not sure if it's the same thing. If not, I'll just enter them both. The downside is that for the GASC there's an entry fee of $25 per song. Still, that's so much easier than standing in line for days to sing some crappy cover for Simon, Paula and Randy.

No plans for the weekend. Maybe inspiration will strike and I'll finish my hit song tomorrow.

Side note: I was extremely disappointed in Supernova's selection of Lucas. That guy is such a poser. Dilana was robbed. But then again, it was obvious weeks ago that those guys didn't want a woman fronting their band. Now there's all this legal trouble over the name Supernova. I saw suggestions on various message boards for new names. My favorites were "Wannabe and the Hasbeens" and "Skunk Boy and the Stinkers."
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