Monday, October 30, 2006

Does your grandpa have a worm farm? Didn't think so.

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Ben and I made the trip up to Oklahoma Thursday to spend the weekend at the farm. Why we decided to leave after work and drive all night, I'll never know. We got there at 5 a.m. It wasn't a fun commute.

We also had Ben's dog Dutch with us. Dutch isn't a real exciting or active dog. I think he might be brain damaged. When he does get excited he just runs in circles and chases his tail until he collapses. Then he's not excited he just lays around wanting to snuggle with people. He also has no short-term memory of who people are. If you walk out of a room and back in, he'll bark at you because he doesn't remember you. Every night when I get home from work, I get barked at because he has no idea who I am until he finally recognizes my yelling. Well, being developmentally disable Dutch is not smart enough to actually go to the bathroom when he's being walked at rest stops. I don't think he ever went the entire trip. Oh, we stopped for him often because we were more and more paranoid he was going to relieve himself in the car -- but he never went.

The weekend was fun. The weather was nice. I spent Saturday lazing around under a tree in a creekbed. I tracked some coyotes and actually came across one that afternoon. I snapped a picture, but he's so camouflaged that you can barely see him.

I ran into the doctor that birthed me and my elementary school librarian. Stuff like that happens in small towns.

Grandpa showed off his new worm farm, which looks a lot like an old refrigerator filled with dirt where they dump their eggshells and coffee grounds. I dug around in it a little, but didn't find any worms. However, by spring it's going to be the perfect place to dump bodies.

Apparently Dutch wouldn't stop barking this morning and drove a neighbor to actually call the cops. I don't know how you train a dog not to bark when he only barks when you're not there. Hopefully the police won't decide to take him out.
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