Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hydrogen is flammable, oxygen helps it burn, yet water puts out the fire.

I’ve been putting out fires all morning. I had to get proofs for a benefits brochure back to the printer, and then get a Chronicle ad written, approved and sent by noon. Somehow it just always works out. It’s a mystery.

I gave up on growing the hair out. As much as I wanted the cool long hair that I’ve never had the patience to grow my entire life, I just couldn’t deal with how horrible it was looking. Plus, taking the time to blow dry it in the mornings just isn’t in my schedule. So I went back to the super short cut on Monday. I shaved off the goatee too. I’m not sure why. I just felt like it.

Supposedly the dog hasn’t had any more accidents in the house. Of course, my brother’s been home sick with it ever since he got it. He got diagnosed with strep on Monday, but then he started throwing up on Tuesday. I’m doing my best to drink plenty of alcohol to kill any germs he’s spreading around that may be trying to invade my body. So anyway, he apparently just sits at home with the dog all day. We still don’t know what’s going to happen when he gets left home alone. Also, I keep coming home to find my brother walking him to go to the bathroom in the front yard. I can’t quite figure out why he can’t just go out in the back.

So word on the street was Front Porch Pub tonight, but I texted one of my friends I hadn’t talked to in close to a year to confirm this with her, and some guy called me back from her phone. I didn’t know whether I should invite him or not since he already knew where we were going from the text. I could just see him showing up and having to introduce him as “the random dude that now has Betsy’s phone number.”

No open mic performance last night as I had a company dinner. None tonight either. Maybe next week I’ll unveil the new songs.
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