Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Nothing exciting

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I almost lost my glasses last night. I never wear them except when I'm working on the computer or driving at night, so I had them in my pocket driving home from work yesterday. Then they were gone. I couldn't find them all evening. I finally started back-tracking my steps from when I got home, and I realized that I had bent over to pick up the empty garbage cans and carry them into the garage. When I did that my glasses fell out of my pocket. I found them lying in the grass by the curb.

I’ve got to call some repairmen out to the house. A ceiling fan has quit and my refrigerator is leaking water everywhere. Even after I shut the water off to it, it’s still leaking – not fun.

Supposedly we’re going to Oklahoma this weekend to visit the grandparents, so I guess I’ll have to keep mopping up the water until I can be home for the repairs.

I’ve got to teach Junior Achievement today. I always dread that. The kids I teach are very well-behaved, I think I just have permanent ingrained hate for schools.
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