Monday, October 16, 2006

The songs are taking shape

I spent more time in the studio on Friday doing some mixing and editing with Karim. They're still not completely finished, but She's Infectious and Silverscreen Dreams are starting to take shape.
Check them out:
She's Infectious
Silverscreen Dreams

Unfortunately Pawn Shop Guitars is taking much longer and needs more studio time to record more guitar parts. Don't know if I'll ever be able to afford that or if we're just going to have to cut losses there. I'd sure like to have it on my promo disc in the press kits, but we've got too much invested already to spend another $200 finishing it.

At work we got clearance to film in Canada, but we may have to cut the Canadian site because of budget restraints. Kind of sucks because I was excited about seeing the Great White North. We may still go. Who knows? We're meeting with the production company again tomorrow.

I now have a dog. Actually, my brother and his girlfriend adopted a dog together this weekend, but as my brother lives with me, it basically boils down to me having a dog. I don't know what breeds it is, but the best way I can describe it is Rin Tin Tin humped Benji. It only weighs 30 pounds, but it managed to take an amazingly huge dump on the tile in the entryway yesterday. Then this morning I ran into Ben and the dog walking into the kitchen as I was leaving, so I patted it on the head, and it looked up at me and peed on the carpet at my feet. This dog may be headed back to the SPCA unless it learns some bladder control.

That's about all the news. I may be tagging along to Oklahoma with Ben the weekend after next if we're not traveling for work.
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