Monday, October 02, 2006

Where's the pumpkin pie?

I had a grandiose plan for this evening. It went like this:
1) Buy pumpkin pie.
2) Rent a movie.
3) Eat entire pie while watching movie.

The problem is, despite the fact that there are pumpkins stacked all over the groceries stores, the bakeries still aren't making any pumpkin pies. I went to Randall's first, and they had apple, cherry, and pecan pies, but no pumpkin. I almost settled for pecan and went home, but I REALLY wanted pumpkin, so I drove on down Louetta to HEB. That was a real disappointment. The only pie they had was a pineapple pie. So then I resorted to going to the frozen foods section. I grabbed a frozen pumpkin pie, and moved on to step 2.

When I got home at 7:00 I started reading the instructions on the frozen pie. You had to bake the thing for an HOUR. Then it said to wait TWO HOURS before eating. THREE FREAKING HOURS! It was going to be 10:00 before I finally got any pie.

Well, I gave in and had hotdogs for dinner while I watched Sin City. Then yes, finally at 10:00 I had a slice of pie. It was delicious, but not quite as delicious as it would have been if I'd had it at 6:00 when I decided I wanted pie for dinner. Why are the grocery stores already pimping halloween, but failing to provide people with ready-to-eat pumpkin pies? I'm filing complaints.

Incidentally though as I was looking at Halloween stuff on the Internet, I did come across an article about how to make sex toys out of a pumpkin, some plastic bags, and a plastic tennis ball container. I may never look at a pumpkin the same way again.

And no I haven't tried it ... yet.

The concert at Swig was a blast. 4Play rocked as always. Hopefully we'll be seeing them back on Wednesday nights. Of course, I'm always at open mic on Wednesday nights, but oh well.

Lots of work tomorrow. I've got a meeting with the video production people on setting up a schedule and budget to go shoot our projects first thing in the morning, and it's non-stop from there. Plus I've got to figure out my lesson plan for the second session of Junior Achievement on Tuesday. This time I've got the kids in the computer lab. Should be interesting.
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