Thursday, December 28, 2006

Back to the salt mines

Did you ever have one of those days where this just weren’t going too smooth? I stayed home sick yesterday, but thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and the ever-so-powerful Z-pack I was ready to come into the office today. Well, I wouldn’t really say “ready,” but I guess I could say “capable.”

I was excited about wearing one of my new wrinkle-free dress shirts I got for Christmas. Supposedly this sucker never needs ironing … EVER. Of course, it was wrinkled when I unwrapped and unfolded it, so that right there makes me doubt their claims a bit. However, after running it through the washing machine it indeed came out of the dryer amazingly wrinkleless. I even ironed my pants, so that they’d be of the same wrinkle-free caliber as the shirt today. Unfortunately, there is nobody in the office to take note of my pressed appearance. I could have come in my underwear and a bathrobe if I’d wanted.

I was jamming Jack Johnson on the way to work. I need to learn “Flake” and add it to my repertoire. I just can’t figure out how to make the outro bridge sound right with just one acoustic guitar. I was pondering this and was kicking around some new song lyrics in my head as I walked into the office from the parking garage when I heard a loud crash. It sounded a lot like a car wreck, but I looked back out into the garage and didn’t see anyone. Then all the lights in the lobby went off, and the fire alarm started buzzing. The building had lost power. A few seconds later the lights came back on, but the security guards wouldn’t let us on the elevators.

About 15 minutes of waiting around in the lobby we were finally cleared to use the one elevator that was still running on the emergency power. Not less than 15 people sardined themselves into the cab, and we nervously made the trip up through the building (and yes, we had to stop at nearly every floor). Floors 1-8 had flickering lights. After that things seemed normal. My computer fired up, but then I found the server and phones were down. That made being here kind of useless since I couldn’t read my e-mail, make calls, or pull up files to work.

It’s almost 9:00 now and the phone finally kicked back on. The network isn’t working yet though. I should have slept in.

My fan repairman is coming back tomorrow afternoon to install my new fan in my bedroom. I couldn’t find one to match the gold and white one that broke. I couldn’t find anything that looked decent in gold and white. I ended up getting a more modern looking design in pewter with brown blades. The light fixture has LED bulbs, so supposedly you have a guaranteed five years and probable 10 years before they burn out. LED also draw less power and don’t get as hot as regular light bulbs. Ben, Jeremy and I actually had a big conversation about what it would take to convert your entire house to LED lighting just the other day, so I wouldn’t say it was the LED lights on this fan that sold me, but it did intrigue me.

I guess I’m going to clean my office until the network kicks back on. However, I’m setting down a time limit – if it’s not back on by noon, I’m going home and taking a nap.
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