Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Down in the west Texas town of El Paso ...

Rosa's Cantina
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I visited my parents in El Paso for Christmas. El Paso can be a fun place, but I've had a raging sinus infection and nothing seemed fun. One thing I did find interesting though was that Rosa's Cantina from the Marty Robbins song is a real place. It's actually not too far from my parents' house. It was closed when we drove by, but next trip I'm definitely having a beer there.

Another interesting thing about El Paso is the static electricity. It's so dry there the static is overwhelming. I literally had flames shoot out of a lightswitch when I reached down to turn it on. If you walked too close to the metal chains hanging down off the fan in the living room, it would shock your head.

So my parents took us shopping for some new dress shirts and jeans, etc. It was all clothes this Christmas. Clothes are good though.

My brother bought everyone remote control helicopters. Those were a blast. I don't know how many hours we spent flying those things around the living room. I had some great videos of Ben and myself flying helicopters off of our heads, but I accidentally deleted them -- along with all the other wonderful Christmas pictures I had taken. I was so pissed at myself when I did that, but I was feeling so bad from the sinus infection I was making all sorts of stupid mistakes the last few days. I mean, I'm always clumsy, but deleting three days worth of pictures is just stupid. I also managed to drop a framed picture that Kyle made for me and shattered the glass all over her parents' kitchen floor last week. I definitely haven't had my A game.

However, I did have my A game when I beat both Jeremy and Ben at ping pong Christmas Eve. Yes, I am the ping pong champion.

I was supposed to go back to work today, but I felt so bad I called in sick and finally went to the doctor instead. I got a Z-pack for the sinus infection and I'm already feeling better although still tired.

I made it to Home Depot this afternoon and bought a new fan for the bedroom. It's got LED lights. We'll see how that works out. Now I just have to deal with the hassle of getting AHS to schedule installation. I hate AHS.

Back to work tomorrow.
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