Friday, January 05, 2007

Fighting illness and tempting fate in the new year

I'm sick again. I had a sinus infection over my entire Christmas vacation. Now I've got freaking strep throat on my three-day weekend. What's up with that? Anyway, I went back to the doctor this morning for more antibiotics. Hopefully this will all be cleared up before I head out to California next week.

So far so good in 2007. I wore a new white dress shirt on Wednesday. AND I had lunch at Prince's Hamburgers with Kyle. AND I got the King's Favorite, which is a chili-cheese burger. Yes, I tempted fate by ordering a chili-cheese burger while wearing a white dress shirt. This is the same chili-cheeseburger that I ate the afternoon before my wedding in 2004, which not only got all over my shirt, but also gave me HORRENDOUS gas that threatened the very sanctity of the matrimonial ceremony. (It took a last-minute overdose of Gas-X to save the day, and thankfully TLC left all the gassy scenes out of the final cut of A Wedding Story.)

Did I end up with chili and cheese all over my new white dress shirt? NO. Did I end up with gas? NO! Do you know why? Because 2007 is my year!

Well, it's my year after this freaking strep throat is done. Strep kind of puts a damper on little things like singing, swallowing, making out with hot women, etc.

I just watched Little Miss Sunshine while doing my laundry -- funny movie. Next up is You, Me and Dupree. I think I'm going to pick up some McDonalds first though. Some people eat chicken soup when they feel bad, but McDonalds is my comfort food. Supersize me when I've got the flu.
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