Monday, April 02, 2007

I guess I'm a bit behind.

I’m sorry I haven’t kept up with the blogging lately. Life has been busy as I’m trying to clear the clutter of the last 10 years and get my life in order.

My 1966 Mustang has been sitting in the garage for almost a year, and the entire time I’ve had the intention of selling it, but I just haven’t had the time or money to address some mechanical issues that were causing overheating and if you drove it somewhere, it wouldn’t start back up, etc. Issues like that make for a hard sale – especially if you’re hoping to get a decent price for it. I spent a couple weeks out in the garage every night and after modifying the radiator, a thorough flushing, a new thermostat, a new battery, a new starter solenoid and a new starter, the car is finally running strong and reliably. I picked up a new windshield wiper switch on Friday, so once I get that installed everything in the car should be working, and hopefully it will roll out of my garage into the loving arms of a new owner. I just get really sad when I actually post it for sale, and it was almost a relief that the last two times I posted it that it either wouldn’t start or that the person who looked at it wasn’t interested. No excuses this time though. I’m going to have to say goodbye.

Last week Necrophobia finally had its premiere here in Houston at the River Oaks Theatre where it was unveiled that the name has now been changed to Domain of the Damned. I get the feeling that the studios decided Necrophobia just sounded too much like Necrophilia. Four years in the making, this will be another one of my indie roles that go straight to video. It seems the director changed themes and ideas halfway through the process, so there’s all this Tarantino-wannabe rockabilly horror stuff that seems to be patched in completely after the fact. The dream sequences make no sense and don’t mesh with the rest of the movie. The important intro of the characters is non-existent. The director tried to just jump into the plot and build the characters as he went – it doesn’t work out so well. There’s also a huge inherent flaw in the plot. This guy has an ancient Egyptian medallion that wards off the grim reaper, so that nobody within its vicinity can die. The guy then puts all these undead people in a haunted house as an attraction. They then escape and start killing everyone – except technically the people they’re killing can’t die. The heroes also then start killing the zombies – except they shouldn’t be dying either. Every once in a while a zombie gets chopped up and his head or hands or whatever will be shown as still being alive, but why aren’t regular people who die still alive? And how come some of the zombies do die when they’re shot? It’s really contradictory. I also think the director has never participated in an actual radio station remote broadcast because his team of disc jockeys that show up for a remote and then murder and get murdered just makes zero sense. I understand how it fits into the plot, I just don’t get what they’re doing wandering through the haunted house with their wireless radios on, etc. It doesn’t work that way. Those things won’t even transmit more than maybe 25 yards from the van. I can’t tell if they’re supposed to be broadcasting their trip through the haunted house live or what, but if they are they never acknowledge that it’s what they’re doing and that’s not how radio works, so I just don’t get it. It really convoluted the plot. But for all that, I am on screen 3 or 4 times for about 30 seconds total. I’m a pretty good looking zombie, and I die at least twice. I’m only really recognizable in one profile shot though – no matter how much latex and fake blood you have on me, there’s no mistaking my nose.

So along with the work on the car and attending movie premieres I’ve been doing a lot of home improvement. I’ve dedicated myself to actually having a healthy, green lawn this year, so I’ve been out every weekend, mowing, edging, pulling weeds, filling in holes – all that stuff. However, after purchasing several bags of dirt weekend before last I realized that I don’t actually own a shovel. That was a problem. I also realized I don’t own a saw, and I can’t find the hammer. I may have to invest in these items soon.

So that’s what’s been going on with me. What’s been going on with you?
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