Friday, June 15, 2007

Cappuccino Uprising

We just got new cappuccino and coffee machines in the kitchens of our building at work. They’re fancy. They have little one-serving pod-packed filters that go into these little gun-looking things that then slide into the machine and make you a cup of coffee. The cappuccino machine also has a milk frother that powers up when you swing the arm out, and then powers back down when you swing it back.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any milk. And it takes a long time to use the thing. And it’s a mess.

Everybody’s mad that they replaced our cappuccino robots. Before this new Starbucks system got put in we had these little machines with buttons on the front. You just pressed coffee, tea or cappuccino, and it popped open a little tray, you inserted the appropriate coffee pack, and then it spit out your coffee. Yes, the cappuccinos were made with powdered milk, but it was fast and easy. There was no mess and no clean up. The trash from your packet got dumped into an internal bin that had to be emptied once a week.

This new setup has all sorts of sprinkles and mini-marshmallows and graham cracker toppings to go on your cappuccino, but people are pretty mad because there’s no milk to froth anyway, so nobody can make a cappuccino.

I have a feeling the robots will be back next week.
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