Thursday, June 14, 2007

The DSL is fixed … probably!

I went to Home Depot last night and bought 45’ of Cat5 cable, a new wall outlet and some clear caulk. Instead of running the new telephone line up into the attic and then back down through a wall, I used indoor/outdoor line and ran it from the box along the cable line that runs across the eaves of the house and then down through the brick into the wall of my room. Then I replaced the cable outlet face plate with a plate that has both a cable outlet and a phone outlet. I re-caulked the hole in the house, and the job was done. I hate the fact that cable companies run lines outside the house like that, but it sure made things easier to do that instead of crawling through the attic and running wires back down the walls. Because of the insulation in my walls, the last time I ran a wire down a wall I actually had to cut a hole at the top of the wall to get to the wire and then feed it down to the outlet hole. Then I had to patch and repaint the top hole – pain in the ass.

So I think the DSL is now fixed. It was immediately working after I finished the wiring last night, and it was still on this morning, so hopefully that thorn in my side is gone.

As I was wiring up the outlets last night I was thinking to myself how lucky I am that my dad taught me to do that kind of stuff. I’ll never be a homebuilder, but I can run electric, cable and phone lines. I’ll never be a mechanic, but I can diagnose and fix a car. They’re sure good skills to have. I need to do something nice for Father’s Day this weekend. The question is what. You can’t really just buy my dad something because he never asks for anything, and when he needs something he usually gets it. Last year I got him a tent because we were about to go camping and he and my mom were going to use this old blue backpacking tent that had a history of massively leaking in the rain and then filling up with water like a swimming pool. It worked out great because I surprised him with the new tent, and then it poured the entire trip, so it saved my parents from getting soaked. However, this year I have no idea what to get him. I better figure it out soon though – like today!
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