Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Seein' through the fog

I got contacts on Friday. I was so sick of my glasses because they were always smudged and falling down my nose when I was out getting sweaty. I also wanted to be able to see clearly when I go snorkeling on vacation. I should have walked away when they told me at the optometrist that for my prescription it was $61 for a fitting and test pair instead of the earlier quoted $40. I should have walked away when the optometrist told me that with my astigmatism these contacts are not going to correct as well as glasses. I should have walked away when I couldn't get the damn things into my eyes. But I didn't.

I wore them part of the day Friday before they got too annoying. Then I made it all day in them Saturday, but extended exposure to all the body sprays, candles, lotions and perfumes in Victoria Secret at The Woodlands Mall caused me to blink one out when my eyes started watering. I had to spend 10 minutes in the Men's Room putting it back in. Then we went to the John Mayer concert and while I was happy not to be wearing glasses, I couldn't really focus on the stage.

I never even bothered putting them in on Sunday. Monday I tried to put them in before work, but didn't get up early enough for the battle, so I gave up to make it to work on time.

I got them in this morning, but driving in them sucks. I have glasses because I can't read the street signs far away. I can't read the signs with contacts either -- I might as well just be driving without them in. Computer screens are a strain without my glasses too. They're still a strain with contacts. Plus, I think I got an eyelash under my right contact this morning because it's been bugging me all day.

I have an appointment on Saturday to decide if I should order more contacts or forget the whole idea. Two months ago I almost ordered prescription sunglasses, but I held off thinking if I just got contacts I could wear my cheap $6 sunglasses and still see. I haven't completely made up my mind, but I think I'm throwing out the contacts and going with the glasses.

So much for not looking like a dork.
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