Friday, June 15, 2007

Underwater Photography

I’m so excited. With the already frequent beach and lake trips this summer and the highly anticipated trip to the Mayan Riviera now just 64 days away, I started thinking about a better way to take pictures. We’ve been taking my Fuji F10 point-and-shoot camera to the beach, but I always leave it in the car because I’m so worried about it getting wet or getting full of sand. A cool feature of the Fuji Finepix cameras is that Fuji actually manufactures waterproof polycarbonate housings for them. It’s just that in the past they were pretty expensive. I bought my first digital in 2001. It was a Fuji Finepix f4700 2.3 mp camera, and I paid $800 for it. It also took those big SmartMedia memory cards. They had a max capacity of 128 mb, but I could only afford a 16 mb card. These days you could buy a freaking digital SLR for $800 and 16 mb would only hold about two pictures.

A few years later I bought a Fuji Finepix f601z. It was a 3.2 mp camera that retailed for around $350. I always wanted the underwater housing for that thing, but it was like another $350. I never got it. I thought I was cool as hell though because the f601z had a USB docking base that let it work as a webcam. Then I had a Motorola flip phone with a modem attachment, so that I could connect the camera and phone to my notebook and dial in at 56k and make a very, very crappy video phone call. The picture was there, but at 56k it didn’t really move much. Oh, and it also cost a lot to use those cell phone minutes. In retrospect it really wasn’t that awesome at all – especially now with the way aircards work.

Eventually that camera got destroyed during a drunken melee at a Halloween party, and I got the Fuji Finepix F10, a 6mp camera that retailed for $300, which I have now. Fuji, of course, manufactures an underwater housing for the F10. So I started thinking, why not finally get an underwater housing? But then I started thinking, why spend $150 to accessorize a camera that’s already two years old. I mean, I have the F10, but they’re already up to the F40.

So I did a little checking. Fuji makes an underwater housing for the F40! actually had the 8 mp F40 for $225. They also had the underwater housing for $60!!!

Yeah, you know I bought it. I ended up getting both the camera and the housing for less than the F10 is still retailing for new. Plus, the F40 is the first Fuji camera to use SD cards instead of their proprietary XD format. SD cards are really cheap. I got a 2 GB for $17 a couple months ago, and I’ve got several around the house. I’m so excited. You know I’m taking it to the beach/lake/river as soon as it gets here. If not then you know there’s going to at least be underwater bathtub/toilet pics showing up on my page. Ever wondered what that dookie looks like UNDER the water?!!! Me neither! That’s gross. I’m not sticking my brand new camera in a toilet.

My F10 is for sale if anybody wants it -- $150 obo. It’s in like-new condition with a 1 GB XD card and all the original packaging and wires. Check out the stats at
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