Monday, August 04, 2008

Anticipating Edouard

Edouard? Seriously? They couldn't just name this tropical storm Edward? Come on. I've seen people spell it 15 different ways today -- not to mention the fact that everyone is calling it Edouardo. Planning for storms is complicated enough without this ethnic spelling ridiculousness.

Anyway, if you listen to the news reports Edouard is bringing the apocalypse. If you listen to the people at work, they could care less and are just itching for an excuse to take off work tomorrow. However, panic did reach the pumps as everyone bought up gas in true Rita fashion.

Half my day was spent just in meetings trying to decide what to do about Edouard. As of this morning, we were shutting the office down early and sending everyone home. By noon, with beautiful sunny skies still shining, that plan was scratched and debates raged as to whether or not we'd shut down tomorrow. If the storm hits hard and hits early, it's a no-brainer to shut down for the day. However, if the morning is clear, do you let everyone come to work and risk them being stuck there if the storm hits hard midday? But if it's clear in the morning, and you don't have anyone come in, what if the storm never hits, and you've wasted a full day of your client's time?

I can't say I've made any real preparations here at home. I put the hard top on my car. That's about it. I should probably secure the patio furniture in the old dog kennel, so it doesn't come flying through my bedroom window, but I haven't.

Anyway, I've got to get to bed as I have to be up around 4:30 a.m. to see what our office's final action plan will be and then call into our voicemail system and the local media to say whether the office is open or closed. I have a feeling that either way, quite a few employees have already made up their minds that they're not coming in tomorrow.
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