Saturday, August 09, 2008

My life is so boring compared to the news

Well, we survived Edouard. It was nothing. We've had bigger thunderstorms. Yet, nobody was thankful that we weren't hit with a hurricane. Instead they spent all of Tuesday bitching and writing me emails about how unfair it was that they had to come to work when the mayor had said everyone should stay home. Although it did rain it was a rather nice day since very few people did go to work. My commute was only 25 minutes, which is amazing.

Is it just me or is there a lot of really crazy stuff going on in the world. First, there was the whole Caylee Anthony drama. Where's the baby? Where's the BABY?!!! Unfortunately, I'm 99% sure that the mom left her in the car while she was partying or something, the kid died, and then she ditched her body. The fact that she can't even pinpoint when the kid started missing though is a bad sign. She originally said she disappeared June 9, but then changed her story when Caylee was in pictures with her grandfather on father's day June 15. I know we have laws to protect people in this country, but seriously, it's time to stop feeding that girl and start slapping her around a few times a day until she comes clean with the real story of how she killed her daughter and covered it up or who these people who allegedly kidnapped her really are. You can say I'm a bad person for that, but knowing as many pathological liar early-20s club promotions girls as I do, a little waterboarding would be good for all of them.

Now what about this Clark Rockefeller guy? He's got money from somewhere. How did he earn it or scam it? He's got more identities than you can shake a stick at. Was he really a German foreign exchange student? Did he really murder someone years ago in California? Craziness.

But as if Clark Rockefeller didn't have a crazy enough story, that lady who had pitbulls cloned in South Korea is now suspected to be this mentally unstable woman that kidnapped and raped a male Mormon missionary in England back in the 1970s before disappearing. If she's the same woman, how did she change her identity and make enough money to clone puppies? Seriously, is the key to getting rich just to have several identities? If so, I need a few!

The Olympics have started. I spent the morning running ethernet cable from my router to my living room to set the Xbox 360 up as a Media Center Extender. Now we can get all of NBCs online streaming as well as what's on cable. However, it was a bit anticlimactic when I finally got it working because there doesn't seem to be any content available online yet. I was also disappointed to see that the Xbox doesn't recognize my online DVD library. Apparently I have to re-rip all the discs I've already put on there as DivX or MPEG if I want the Xbox to play them. That's totally weak. If the Xbox can play a DVD, it should be able to play a DVD from a hard drive. Too bad Microsoft has chosen to cripple the software.

The Olympics don't seem to be off to a very good start. China is in the lead for the Crazy Stabbing Suicide medal. That's not good. Then the fact that Russia and Georgia are deciding to go to war during the opening ceremonies is a bit distracting too. I like how the leaders of all the countries involved and making statements about the situation are in China watching sports while this is going on.

So with no alternate identities, hidden fortunes, raped Mormons and missing daughters, my life seems pretty boring. However, I did FINALLY find a good working HD video editing program. I was using Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate, and I still couldn't get more than 5 minutes of video edited without computer freeze ups. Yesterday I tried CyberLink Power Director 7. I can't say enough great things about this program. It doesn't have green screen effects or as many plug-ins as Pinnacle, but it runs perfectly. I have had zero freeze ups. It's slow and a bit laggy, but I can even edit 1920x1080 AVCHD on my HP dual core. It runs light lightning on my quad core. I'm still learning the ins and outs and I edit some video from my cousin's wedding a few weeks back, but this has been the major hold up in putting together some short films. I mean, when you can't edit a movie more than 5 minutes long, it severely limits your production possibilities. Getting my editing problems fixed was my last major hurdle. Well, it was that and cleaning my house since my house was WAY too dirty and cluttered to shoot anything. However, both situations are now remedied. I really want to get some stuff started this weekend.

I'm going to grab some lunch.
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