Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The curse of the clicking hard drive

As some of you may have noticed, there has been a conspicuous lag in blog posts over the past few days. After my initial hard drive failure three weeks ago, I reinstalled Windows 7 Release Candidate to my second 1 TB drive and limped along with minimal application installations and file recovery until I got the full version of Windows 7 last Thursday.

Instead of installing Windows 7 onto that same working hard drive, I purchased a new 1.5 TB Seagate drive at the same time and did my new install on that drive. It just wasn’t working right. Windows was running slow and would almost freeze. It was taking me hours upon hours to migrate files from drive to drive and the clicking, OHhhhh the clicking, how it grated at my nerves.

Just a couple of months ago I purchased a Seagate USB 1.5 TB drive for back-ups. I had to carry it back and forth between a couple computer and to work a few times and somewhere in that first week, it developed this cyclical, repetitive CLICK-CLICK click-click CLICK-CLICK click-click … It just goes on forever. I thought about returning it to Fry’s but at the time I needed it for some files transfers and my internal hard drive had just crashed, so I just didn’t have the time or resources to dump it all somewhere while I was exchanging it. It still worked, it just made that annoying clicking.

So after I install the new internal Seagate 1.5 TB the clicking doubles. Yes, both the 1.5 TB Seagate drives click. Sometimes they’d sync up into a percussive fortissimo and sometimes they’d get off into a click-click round. Never at any time over the course of the week did the clicking get any quieter or less annoying.
And as I struggled to get all my files copied and applications installed Windows 7 seemed to go slower and slower. Finally, last night, I’d had enough. No, I didn’t want to reinstall and recopy everything yet again, but I can’t deal with a drive that slow, and I can’t deal with clicking that loud. I definitely could not do any voiceovers or music recording on the machine with it clicking like that. I gave in and reinstalled Windows 7 onto the old Seagate Barracuda 1 TB drive, which absolutely flies now, and began the process.

So that is why there have been no blog posts, no photos of last week’s events, no commentary on world news. I’ve been toiling away at bringing my machine back to life. The first hard drive that failed was a Western Digital Green 1 TB, so I thought I was playing it safe with Seagate. I can’t tell if these 1.5 TB drives are bad or if they all click this way, but I can tell you they’re slow as hell. I assumed they were 7200 RPM drives like the vast majority of internal hard drives, but they’re not. They only do 5900 RPM. I should have my info wiped off the internal one tonight, then it’s back to Fry’s for an exchange tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try Hitachi, but I definitely won’t go beyond 1 TB in size.

And thank God the clicking has stopped!
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