Monday, October 19, 2009

Pass the Halloween candy

It’s an exciting week. First and foremost on my mind is Microsoft’s October 22 release of Windows 7. I have been waiting for this OS since I first started using the Release Candidate in July. To heighten the anticipation, I had a hard drive crash a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been too lazy to reload my archaic version of XP Pro, which requires partitioning the drives to 130GB and going through hours of update after update to finally get back to SP3. Instead, I’ve been limping along with Win7 RC and only the bare essentials installed until I could score the full version this week.

I plan to spend Friday morning installing a new hard drive, installing a “Genuine” copy of Win7, and bringing my system back up to snuff.

Thursday evening I’ve been invited to the Houston Porsche Panamera event at Momentum Porsche. While I’ve seen plenty photos of the car online, I’m looking forward to actually seeing it in person. Porsche made a ton of money when they released the Cayenne SUV. The question remains, will they be as successful with a four-door sedan? It’s hard to predict what the public will embrace. Hopefully I’ll end up with some good photos for you guys, and I look forward to meeting some of the other members of the Lonestar Region Porsche Club at the event.

In other Porsche news, I did successfully finish installing another new water pump Saturday, and I will have a DIY video for the procedure online just as soon as YouTube decides to let it upload without an error. Although affordable 1080p cameras are now readily available to consumers like myself, it seems the Internet is still not ready for 1080p uploads. While YouTube claims it can accept up to 2GB, the 1.5GB file has already failed to upload three times. I may have to re-render it at 720p and try again this evening. Of course, by the time 1080p is finally standard and supported, I’m sure we’ll have moved on to 2k or 4k cameras or even 3D. I have a feeling video will continue to be a frustrating field for a long time.

To round out the weekend, the crew of Das Fackboot has sailing lessons. While the yacht restoration project has made slow but steady progress over the past two months, we have no clue how all the rigging works. None of us have sailed anything larger than a Sunfish, so the ASA Basic Keelboat Certification course is as much about figuring out the technical aspects of how to run the lines and repair our own vessel as it is about learning to navigate. It will also be the first test of whether or not any of us are prone to seasickness. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos and video of what’s sure to be an epic experience, but I can’t make any promises as I don’t know the intensity of the course. However, I can promise stories.

Now that the car is finished, and I’m miraculously caught up at work for the first time in months, attention turns back to the yacht project. When last we visited, co-captain Ben and I were able to install a missing through-hull fixture thanks to his monkey arms. I thought that was the last piece of the plumbing puzzle, but unfortunately, when we filled the freshwater tank we found that it has a leak, so that may have to be pulled for repair. We also identified that the majority of our rainwater leakage was coming through the cockpit instrument panel, so hopefully with that now sealed, we’ve ended all major threats of the boat filling with rainwater and re-sinking. Hopefully I can stay motivated this week and at least finish the V-berth wall for installation this weekend. I know whichever couple wins the coin toss for the V-berth Saturday night will appreciate having a wall between them and the head.

In other, more boring news, Twitter and Facebook and coming to Xbox Live; Canon’s releasing the most likely unremarkable 1D Mark IV DSLR this week; Rock Band is now on iPhone with Bluetooth multiplayer, so you no longer have to leave the bar to start rocking out with your drunken friends; the Feds decided medicinal marijuana is a great tax revenue generator and won’t be pursuing charges against users or distributors in states where it’s legal; and Balloon Boy’s dad got slapped with criminal charges proving there is still some justice in this world.
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