Monday, October 12, 2009

There is no reality left in reality shows

It was a rainy Sunday evening, and I was exhausted from the Alumni-weekend trip to College Station, so somehow I got sucked into watching the season premieres of both The Girls Next Door and Leave it to Lamas.

I can say with completely finality, there is no longer such thing as a reality TV show. Reality TV has gone on so long and become so cliché that every person who ends up on a show is just working to act like or outdo other people who have been on shows before them. Hef’s new girls are trying their best to be sexier and wilder than the previous concubines while reiterating on camera that they aren’t just copies of the old girlfriends. Meanwhile over on Renegade’s reality show, Shayne and Dakota are attempting the absolute best Kardashian impression they can muster while Lorenzo and son give angsty, canned performances. Meanwhile leatherface with the beergut is acting as crazy as possible hoping to garner at least a little of the spotlight from the attractive members of the cast.

I quit watching The Ultimate Fighter last season because the overadrenalized puds attracted by the sport have turned it into a joke with their main concerns being pulling larger pranks, causing bigger drunken conflicts, and trashing the house worse than the cast of the previous season. What happened to the mixed martial arts? And this season they’ve resorted to the same augmented “reality” as all the shows using washed-up stars by stacking their own cast with Kimbo Slice.

When are we finally going to get tired of watching people who can’t act pretend like they’re not acting?
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