Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to work

Back to the city. Back to the job. Back to the hustle bustle. Back to the list of 15,000 things I need to get finished.

It was nice getting away for a few days. The only stress was showing up to the wedding on time. We succeeded at that. Everyone involved said, I do. It always makes for a nicer matrimonial ceremony when that happens. We then rocked the Elk's Lodge for the next four hours. However, my Baptist grandmother insisted on being taken back to the hotel after 15 minutes because she just couldn't deal with the fact that people were both drinking and dancing.

I needed a reminder of where I came from. I'll think twice before turning my nose up at something again.

My dog survived the neighbors -- or vice versa. I was worried that after spending four days in a household with children and other dogs, she wouldn't want to come home, but she was very glad to see me. She slept halfway on top of me all night.

My first order of business upon return was to order all the parts to do the brake job on the Porsche. Thanks to eBay new pads, wear sensors, and rear rotors are all on the way. (I did front rotors last brake job.) eBay makes huge difference in parts cost. For instance, I can order one brake wear sensor from Porsche for $18 or I can order four from a seller on eBay for $24. Pads and rotors also come out about half price although the brand names are not something you find in stores. However, the previous pads haven't disintegrated and caused any catastrophic accidents, so I figure it's safe to use them again.

Now I'm faced with the real challenge -- cleaning out the garage.

The only boat parts remaining are the seat cushions, the leftover plywood, the sick British Seagull and the salvage Kubota engine. I guess tonight I will compile the Kubota parts and put it on craigslist to see if we can make at least a little bit of money off of it. The mechanic who swapped us the British Seagull for the Westerbeke asked for first dibs on it. However, considering the sad condition of the seagull, I'm not sure I want anymore trades from him.

I've promised myself no more spending money on the boat until I get all the interior woodwork finished. I THINK I can do it in one more weekend, which probably means I need three more.

Looks like it's back to Paris the second week of October.
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