Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthdays, baths and progress

It was not only my boss's birthday, but also that of my neighbor. We congregated across the street for cake. That makes cake twice today, but my glasses are still hurting my nose.

The ramifications of all the cake will probably hit me later in the week, but I was still light enough to trample Ben in a pull-up contest this evening. I got 11 to his 8. Only one person can be #1 son.

While I made no direct physical progress on the garage, I did have an Asian farmer named Andy call me about the Kubota. It seems he needs some parts for his tractor. He only offered $125, but hey, he said he'd pick it up tomorrow. The key factor is getting it out of the garage.

I also posted Ben's Mustang engine and car parts on craigslist this evening. He's anxious to see if anyone will bite on that, so he can upgrade to the DOHC Cobra engine. If there's no interest, it kind of puts a damper on things ... unless we build another car for THAT engine. However, that would kind of ruin my dream of parking in the garage for the first time in years.

Other than that, I did some cleaning and watching terrible movies on Netflix while I did abs and elliptical. I've got to dig myself out of this fitness hole I dug while on vacation.

I'm missing the boat. I'm not too enthused about finishing the sanding this weekend, but I'm dying to be down there. I found the missing whine rack for the pantry in the garage, and if it will finally quit raining tomorrow I'm going to finish repainting the pieces of the medicine cabinet. Nobody wants to put their toothbrush in a medicine cabinet with stained, moldy walls. I've got to get it a nice hygienic white. I still haven't found a source for the mirrored sliding doors, but I can always resort to wooden doors and hang an actual mirror somewhere, I guess.

One more day of work this week. I've really been blanking on the design for the Ocean Star Gala. I need some inspiration. Hopefully something will come to me in the morning.

Oh, and the most amazing thing happened. Dixie Belle must have really missed me because tonight when I said, "BATH," instead of hunkering down in her bed, she walked right into the shower. I was dumbfounded. She got a good scrubbing.
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