Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm sick of varnishing

I took stock of the salon shelves I varnished in the dark when I got home from work today. I now know that if I ever go blind, I should not attempt to make my living as a painter. However, I hit the sides that are going to show with the sander and put one last coat on them.

From Starwind 27
From Starwind 27

Then it was back to the garage to get some varnish on the bulkheads.

From Starwind 27
From Starwind 27

I'm not using any veneer on my boat. I hate veneer. I think it looks cheap and cheesy. However, I am a little irritated that I have so many different wood grains. The two big bulkheads are from the same sheet of .5" marine ply, so they'll match. However, the v-berth bulkheads are from two different sheets of .25" ply. I think one was birch. I'm not sure what the other was. They're stained the same color, but the the grain isn't going to match. I think I'm just happy they're not rotten.

I've got to put two more coats of varnish on them tonight. Then tomorrow they get flipped and I'm putting white epoxy paint on the sides that face the head. It's the stuff they use on guitars and appliances. It makes a really nice, smooth washable finish.

Speaking of guitars, my bargain boat guitar shipped today. It would be really sweet if it got here in time for Saturday's jam session.

I'm over the Piver. I found a 1969 36' Columbia with all new everything for $5k. There's only two catches. One is that the all new stuff hasn't been installed. The second is that it's sitting on a lake in the middle of Georgia. We could probably flip the Starwind for enough to pay for it, but trucking it back to Houston kind of ruins the adventure of it all. It would be much more comfortable inside though.

However, since I was taking part of next week off anyway to go to Lubbock, I think I'm just going to take all of next week off to finish as much of the boat interior as possible. Maybe if we actually have it looking nice my lust for larger boats will die. If not, at least it's ready to sell.

However, I have to do this again.

From Starwind 27

Not real excited about it.
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