Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lusting after the Piver

That sounds dirty.

So back in February this guy with a 50' trimaran moved in across the aisle from us at the marina.

From Starwind 27

It's hard to really accentuate how big that thing actually is. I got a tour of it 4th of July weekend and after spending every weekend in our claustrophic little 27' monohull, it felt immense. The owner built it back in 1981 and has finally decided it's time to sell. I think he was hoping I'd bite, but he's asking $250,000 for it. Maybe he didn't hear me when I told him we paid $1,000 for our boat.

Anyway, as I was surfing through eBay looking for deals on winches and canvas, I came across this ugly son of a bitch -- a 40' Piver Trimaran.

From BlogPhotos

It can be yours for only $3700 to the seller and $480 to the marina in Florida.

Now don't get me wrong, I love our little boat. I've put an entire year of blood sweat and tears into resurrecting it. I'm not wanting to sell it. The problem is, it's still a little boat. I know people take 27' boats to the Bahamas occasionaly, but it's never going to cross an ocean. A 40' Tri could definitely cross an ocean. Plus, the 50' tri charters as a party boat for $1700 a day in Kemah. I'm wondering if we couldn't slap some paint on it and do some chartering.

I wish I had enough money and vacation to buy it, sail it back to Texas, and then just part it out if it wasn't worth saving. I could do that or rent it as a lease property to a live-aboard. I don't know. I'm sure there's a way to make money off of it somehow.

Actually, it's not the making money that's even drawing me to it. I'm just trying to use that to justify the purchase. What's really drawing me to it is the adventure of flying out to Florida and sailing it back to Texas. I need some adventure.
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