Friday, July 09, 2010

More rain

It's been a dreary couple of weeks in Houston. We've had a deluge of rain thanks to hurricane Alex and this week's subsequent tropical depression. There's worse things than being wet, though. I saw pictures from an employee in Monterrey of the damage there due to the flooding and runoff from Alex. They've actually changed their office schedule due to the infrastructure damage creating complete commute mayhem.

Thankfully the weather did clear for Independence Day last weekend, so we were able to get some sailing in and anchor out to watch fireworks in the bay. I have my fingers crossed that it will do the same this weekend. I'm finishing the stain on the shelving that installs in the salon along the backs of the couches. Once that's in I can start looking at putting new cushions in the salon.

This weekend we have three projects:
- wire the second battery into the battery selector switch;
- climb the mast to install light bulbs in the steaming and anchor lights;
- remove the two remaining original bulkheads, trace them onto new plywood, and then bolt them back in.
Wiring the battery selector should be a five-minute job. At one time both batteries were wired in, but something about letting battery leads sit underwater for years at a time makes them corrode away.

Climbing the mast is never exactly easy, but I'm determined to make those light sockets work. They're both giving me voltage, so there's no reason they shouldn't be lighting up a bulb. The fact that Ben already failed at this task several months ago makes me even more resolved to succeed.

We were going to just wait on replacing the last two bulkheads as they weren't rotten like the other two were and I'm really sick of carpentry, but as a guest on our boat managed to rip the folding table off the wall last weekend, we figure we'll go ahead and do it.

Of course, just as it seems the boat repair is coming to a finish, the Porsche is groaning. I can't tell if she's just low on power steering fluid or if it has something to do with being soaking wet for two weeks. Now that the boat project has mostly been cleared out of the garage, it may be time to put my foot down regarding Ben's mess and the Cobra project. I mean, come on, I've been cool about him building that car in there for the past three years. At some point it seems reasonable that I do deserve to be able to park my own car in my own garage. The Porsche is also due for an oil change, rear tires and my brake wear light came on a couple weeks ago, so all my August "fun money" seems to be gone already. I know "there is no substitute," but I do wish there were substitute tires and brake pads that didn't cost me an arm and a leg when they only last two years tops. Of course, every time I start considering trading it for an SUV, I get all choked up, and owning two cars is just cost prohibitive at this point. Oh well.

I've been working on the July newsletter this week, but I've been bombarded with 10,000 little projects and last-minute requests, so instead of publishing promptly on Tuesday like I should have, it's just been dragging on and on. Drives me crazy.

I'm going to go see the Magic exhibit at the Museum of Natural History tomorrow before it leaves town. Hopefully it's not cheesy. The old-school magicians were so cool. Modern magicians are a joke. I blame it on Las Vegas.
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