Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My nose hurts

I got new glasses last week in an effort to both see better and to stop looking like a hobo. I think I've had success in both those areas, but damn the bridge of my nose is sore. I cannot get the little pads situated right. I keep bending, adjusting, tweaking, rebending. Unfortunately, the bridge of my nose just keeps getting more and more raw and irritated. I had to switch back to my hobo glasses last night to look at the comoputer long enough to finish editing the wedding video. Then this morning I switched back to the new frames, and my nose was dying before I even made it to work.

I haven't resorted to a band-aid across the bridge of my nose yet, but as I didn't bring my old glasses to the office with me, I may have to before the day is over.

It's my boss's birthday today. We surprised him with some balloons this morning. I'm sure there will be cake this afternoon. Cake will probably help my nose.
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