Friday, July 09, 2010

Please don't stop the music

I haven't played music in a long time. I think the last show I actually played was in 2007. I still stumble into open mic every couple of months just to say hi to my musician friends, but I usually don't even play while I'm there just because I haven't practiced in so long. However, in the past week, everything seems to be pointing me back to music.

Last Friday I went out to my friend TJ's show, and during the last set, he unexpectedly called me up to the stage and left the band to my lead. We ended up kicking through some Zep, some Tom Petty and some AC/DC that I was surprised I even remembered. I had a blast, but I just wrote it off as one of those, "remember the old days" moments. Then Saturday night I was down at the marina, and a bunch of neighbors invited me over to have a drink on their yacht. Suddenly I was handed a guitar and spent the next two hours entertaining the group. Again, I thought, that was fun, but I still haven't bothered to play any music at home this week.

Well, today I was searching craigslist for spear guns and somehow my search brought me to an ad for a Line6 speaker cab. I bought the amplifier for that speaker cab in 1999, but being a poor college student at the time and a poor writer for many years thereafter, there was no way I could afford the matching cab as well, which Line6 eventually quit making. I hadn't thought about it in years. Now here it was. The guy wanted $60 for it, so I emailed him to see if he still had it, and he said come get it.

Maybe it's all just coincidence, but maybe it's a sign. I feel like someone is behind the scenes working very hard to get me to play some music again. I guess I'll go pick up this speaker cab after work and play some guitar tonight.
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