Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Waiting on the dog

The dog has a bit of the runs this evening. She got the carpet right beside the elliptical trainer while I was working out. She hasn't had an accident in over a year, so I didn't get onto her about it. However, I have put her outside for a few minutes before bed hoping she'll be able to squirt anything else out now, so I don't have to wake up to more green pup slushies.

I also decided to sync my phone tonight. It decided it needed to update to OS 4.0.1, so it's been out of commission for the past two hours. That's the downside to having computerized phones or using computers as a media center. They always decide they need to update just when you want to make a call or watch a movie.

I worked on the garage for about two hours, but I made very little visible progress.

From BlogPhotos

On the upside, this side of the garage is now traversible whereas before it was not. I also got the Kubota diesel listed on craigslist for $200 or best offer, but I haven't gotten any response yet.

Ok, I'm tired of waiting on the dog. I'm going to let her back in and hope there's no more accidents. Goodnight.
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