Monday, July 12, 2010

We be jammin'

Despite all the frustrations, I had a surprisingly nice weekend.

I was all prepared to go pick up that speaker cabinet for my old amplifier after work on Friday when I got an email from the seller saying he had a better offer. Knowing I didn't NEED the cab and that I'd lived 11 years without it, I told him that I understood and let it go. This made me surprisingly sad. I was actually a little depressed when I got home from work. I had been so excited about playing guitar again for the first time in so long, but my passion had been quenched with that one email.

I did a little work on the shelves I was building for the boat's salon, and I shot an email back to seller and said, "If the guy no-shows, call me, and I'll do $100." I got an email back 15 minutes later that said the buyer had postponed picking it up until Saturday, so if I could bring $100 cash immediately, it was mine. Needless to say, I jumped in the car, hit the ATM, and picked it up. I then spent the next four hours playing guitar.

The cool thing about this speaker cabinet -- other than the fact that it matches my amplifier -- is that you can put the amp on one side of the room and the cab on the other, and all the effects bounce back and forth in stereo. If you turn on some delay, the echo actually bounces back and forth, it's so cool. Plus, the Leslie rotating speaker effect really sounds like it's rotating. Good times.
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